Welcome to Walmazon

What is going on?

“#FakeMusical” is a musical pop-up carnival with street musicians, led by 103-year old Vaudevillian, Odious Ari (Ari DeSano), who acts as a carnival barker/emcee and general nag. The performance includes song, dance, ukulele and accordion. The premise of the musical is: a CEO villain who owns a monopoly and town (Walmazon) has polluted the air. He realizes he can make money by selling bottled air to the people he has poisoned! Turns out, it helps to have money to keep from wheezing (sound familiar?). The townspeople face all kinds of exploitation and have a lack of access to healthcare, low wages, and insurmountable debt. Can they change things for the better if they all work together to create their own musical? 

Watch on Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/odiousari

One day when the pandemic is over, it may actually be staged! 





Walmazon "It Could Be Worse"


Walmazon's Bottled Air


We are the Townspeople and Employees of Walmazon Township and MegaMonopoly


Township and MegaMonopoly
Population: 10,000 
Employees: 10,001 (due the the recent hire of a very qualified fetus) 
Debt: 100% (the hallmark of any great economy)

Milton P. Moneybags & Prescott C. Henchman

Moneybags: CEO and owner of the town and company. Newly-minted philanthropist. Hopes to die on the Moon. 

Henchman: Recent business school graduate. Wanted to be an artist.


Every company town needs an exploited class. Townspeople include Tina, Bubba, and Jasmine.



#ArtfulDistancing is an exhibition of temporary artworks, exhibitions and performances created with the goal of helping neighbors stay in touch, and fostering safe, creative ways to reconnect, recover and realign to the new normal of our separated existence. The best way to experience #ArtfulDistancing is virtually, through the @wehocity website, weho.org/artful, and social media (@wehoarts).